Plastic Disposables

Plastic Disposables

Offering a variety of Plastic Disposables items like Plastic Cups, Bowls, Glasses, Meal Trays, etc. in different shapes and sizes for all your needs. All plastic production is kept in-house to meet health and safety standards, as well as to reduce costs. Our materials and products have achieved international accreditation including ISO9001:2008, & FDA. We can customize packaging to your specifications.

Plastic Glass CLASSIC-200-ML-76-Q-PHome

Plastic Glasses

Plastic Glass OUL-BOWL-IC-76-Q - PHome

Plastic Bowls

Plastic Cup SST-90-ml-63-Q - PHome

Plastic Cups

Plastic Container CONTAINER(G)-350-ml-(N)--PHome

Plastic Containers

Plastic Box - SWEET-BOX-WITH-LID(N)-90-mm--PHome

Plastic Boxes

Plastic Tray CP-MEAL-TRAY-WITH-LID---PHome

Plastic Meal Trays