Paper Slitting Machine


Paper Slitting Machine

Microcomputer High-Speed
Paper Sliting Machine

Every aspect of FQJ-1300Microcomputer High-Speed Paper Sliting Machine is designed in pursuit of performance.

Main Technical Parameter

  • The range of gram weight: 60-400 g
  •  The cutting width: 1200 mm
  • The diameter unwinding is less than 1300 mm
  • Finished specification width : 1200 mm ,
  • the diameter of paper is less than 800mm, After
    the cut end deviation 士0.5mm, Paper roll tightness of consistent, end face flush
    The deviation of cutting width : 士0.5mm
  •  The speed of operation: 0-150m/min
  • The suitable material: 60-400 g
  • Cutter swing arm shaft adjusting adopts the aluminum shell worm reducer and wheel
  • control, convenient and comfortable.
  •  The mode of taking-up equipment: it adopts double rewinding shaft, it could choose
    different roll according to your requirement! it is equipped with air-expansion (1 pieces
    of 3 inch air-expansion rewinding shaft)
  • In the system: Correct an error to make sure good condition, also the scrape edge is
  • The unwinding parts: it could adjust from left to right, the air-expansion shafts is
    hard to make sure handing is safe and convenient!
  • Feeding tension control: 20kg magnetic powder control
  •  Automatic count meter, alarm and halt equipment, the whole is equipped with safe
    signal and shield to make sure operate safety
  • The rewinding parts: it is adopted double servo motors control; the dia. of rewinding
    is less than 800mm
  • The whole adopts superior steel plate (thickness is 30mm) and channel steel structure,
    slide adopts linear bearing.
  •  It adopts the dia is 100mm dynamic balance
  •  IThe mainframe adopts 5.5km stepless frequency speed regulation is 0-150m/min (it could
    adjust according to different material)

Part Brand

Part Name Origin
Powder brake Huan xing
Air shaft Ningbo, compare to Ruian shaft, double price
Electric photocell Bianfu (Chongqing)
Torque motor Torque motor
Switch Hongbo
Knife Shenlong (Shanghai)
Drive Motor Li chao (Shanghai)
Reducer Jiwei (Hangzhou)
Panel MCGA
Drive Sinee

Technology Partners