High Speed Paper Plate Machine


High Speed Paper Plate Machine

MPP-100 | Hydraulic Press | High Speed Paper Plate Making Machine

Machine Specification

Specification Model
Rated Speed 90-120pcs/min (double workplaces)
Paper Size 5-12inch (Max paper unfold diameter size 300mm)
Suitable Material Base paper, cardboard, ivory board, aluminum foil paper or others
Suitable paper weight: 100-600 gsm
Power Source 380V, 50HZ
Total Power 14KW (include hydraulic)
Total Weight 1300KGS
Overall dimension 2600*1100*1800mm
Packing dimension 2200x1700x1880mm
Air supply Air compression: 0.8mpa, air out put: 0.3—0.6 cbm/ min

Mpp-100 High Speed
Paper Plate Machine

The machine’s frame was built by 2 pieces of thicker iron plate and optical axis. Seamless, highly accurate, stable operation, long service life.
PLC control panel with touchscreen.
The machine adopts mechanical work in paper feeding, it is more stable than traditional feeding technology and the rejection rate is dramatically reduced.
The machine humanized design, automatic counting, and collecting system can save more human resources than the conventional machine.
The machine can be equipped with a packing machine (paper plate packing sheet) and a labeling machine (the label after packing). It is suitable for the manufacturing line.


  • The machine body frame was built from 2 pieces of thicker iron plate and optical axis. Without welding, higher precision, running stability, long service life.
  • PLC control panel with touch screen.
  • The machine adopts mechanical working on paper-feeding, it’s more stable than traditional feeding technology and the rejection rate is greatly reduced.
  • The machine is humanized design, automatic counting system and collection, it can save more human resource than traditional machine.
  • The machine can equipped with packing machine (paper plate packaging film) and labeling machine (the label after packaging). It’s suitable for production line.

Main Electrical Parts

Components Brand
Frequency converter Gtake (Huawei)
Programmable controller PLC Delta,Taiwan
Touch panel ykhmi
Photoelectronic sensors 950mm
A.C contactor Chint
Small breaker Chint
Button Chint
Temperature control Chint
Switch power Meanwell, Taiwan

Main differences and advantages:

  • Research and development with highly experienced engineers and designers, we never stop, keep improving and perfecting on the machines.
  • Feeding system: Flat is fed with an automatic delivery function that can lead the paper to the mold, if the paper gets jammed, the machine will stop.
  • Custom Control – Fast Hydraulics, 150mm working distance, air 0.2 ~ 0.8 maps, 5 tons of pressure can meet the round and square paper plate forming, save air but need more electricity.
  • Our machine updates the body frame, as we use two 2cm thickness iron plates and by CNC accurately leading to each relative screw holes, after baking varnish surface, then fastened it with the optical axis, it is so different like the normal welding frame, which is heavier for our machine and of course more steady and can serve for quite a long time.
  • Electrical components, PLC, inverter, photoelectric sensor, etc.

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