High Speed Paper Cutlery Making Machine

High Speed Paper Plate Machine

Mahaveer group presents bio-degradable paper cutlery making machine. Bio-degradable spoons, knifes, forks, stirrer & soup spoons are Water proof, Heat proof & Oil proof. Machine runs a whole procedure of raw paper feeding (up-to 9 layers), lamination using environment friendly glue, heat pressing then die-cutting. Followed by forming and at last water proof coating.

Machine consists of 3 parts:

1) Lamination & Die Cutting machine:
In this, UN-coated raw paper is laminated with environmental friendly glue & pressure heating then die cutting. Dies of spoons, knife or other cutleries are changed as per
requirement. Maximum 300 pcs/min can be produced.

2) Forming machine:
Cutlery blanks produced in die cutting are fed here to give cutlery their shape using
pressurized heating. Molds of required produced can be placed. Blanks are placed in stands manually from
two side and are fed into mold by robot stations. Total 36 products are produced in 15 seconds. After forming
products are placed on conveyor by robot and are collected manually.

3) Coating machine: In this, cutlery are placed manually in to fixtures after which coating is applied
automatically. Coated cutlery are then transported to over for drying and are collected manually. One cycle
is completed in 5 seconds producing 10 cutlery


  • Spoons, Knifes, Forks, Stirrer & Soup Spoons of variable sizes and shapes can be made.
  • Use uncoated Paper as raw Material, bio-degrabdable, recyclable, healthy and clean.
  • Good choice for globle eco-freindly purpose.
  • Big potential and demand in daily life use.
  • Product feature: water proof, heat proof and oil proof.

Machine Specification

Item Specification
Output 150 Pcs/Min
Raw Material Environment Friendly Paper rolls
Max Paper Layers 6-9 Layers
Material Thickness 600 – 1000gsm
Total Power 80KW
Power Supply 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz
Air Supply >2m3/min @7kg/cm2 (70cfm)
Operator Required 8-10 Persons
Packing dimension 2200x1700x1880mm
Installation Area 100m2;

Note: The above mentioned specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

Equipement layout drawing

(2 Sets of Production line reference drawing)

Paper Cutlery – Samples

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