Paper Disposables Making Machines


The efforts of our teams are synchronized towards making the best in class machines for the Paper Disposables Industry. We aim to make such innovative Paper Disposables Making Machines that not only perform well but also increase the profitability of the business and require less maintenance. we are continually expanding our capacity to make more advanced and innovative machines for our customers.

Paper Disposables Making Machines

Paper Cup Making Machines

Consistent running, low maintenance, less breakdown, and energy-saving are the key parameters that define a paper cup-making machine’s performance. Keeping these points in mind we have manufactured paper cup-making machines & Paper Disposables Making Machines that are MADE IN INDIA entirely.

Paper Disposables Making Machines

Paper Plate Making Machines

A range of Paper Plate Making Machines, that are best in class. These machines are made for maximizing output by minimizing downtime and maintenance. The flawless performance of the machines results in well-formed paper plates and bowls. These machines are easy to operate.

Paper Disposables Making Machines

Paper Cutlery Making Machine

Mahaveer group presents bio-degredable paper cutlery making machine. Bio-degredable spoons, knifes, forks, stirrer & soup spoons are Water proof, Heat proof & Oil proof Machine runs a whole procedure of raw paper feeding lamination using environment friendly glue, heat pressing then die-cutting. Followed by forming and at last water proof coating.

MSMSG Machine PaperSlittingM 2021

Paper Slitting Machine

These machines produce precisely cut and well-deckled paper rolls to make the perfect paper cup bottom reels. The slitting process is very accurate to keep consistent formation and width of the Paper Cup Bottom reel. These machines are easy to operate and require very little maintenance.

MSMSG Machine DieCuttingM 2021

Paper Die-Cutting Machine

The PE-coated printed paper roll is the raw material for this machine. For any kind of cutting procedure, precision is the most important factor and these die-cutting machines are known for their precise due cut papers. Maximum output with minimum wastage.

MSMSG Machine FlaxoPrinitingM 2021

Flexo Printing Machine

This printing machine works on the principle of adopting a flexible photosensitive resin plate and water-based ink to print on the paper. The blank paper roll is the raw material and produces finely printed paper rolls. This machine saves in terms of efforts (labour) and time, improves the production capacity, and adds to profitability.

MSMSG Machine PECoatingM 2021

PE Coating Machine

This machine takes the Paper Roll as raw materials. Through casting process (inter-layer compounding) is done on paper. It is easily operated through a PLC interface that can be centrally controlled. It’s integrally designed with machine, electricity and gas system. It is equipped with a mold (die) with high precision, high-speed high-effective mixing screw rods.