Who We Are?

A family-owned business group, hailing from Ajmer, Rajasthan – INDIA

What We Do?

Mahaveer Group is a leading manufacturer and trader of Paper & Plastic Disposable product making Machines, Raw Material, and Paper & Plastic Disposable Products. Our diverse portfolio includes an extensive range of Paper Disposables, Plastic Disposables, Raw Materials, and Processing & Manufacturing Machines. The teams at Mahaveer Group are guided by the mission to innovate products & solutions of the disposable industry with a focus on quality. Forty years of experience in the segment makes us a reliable brand. With continuous research and development activities, we are willing to add more solutions to the portfolio.

Our Evolution

2010 – 2020



Established Mahaveer Poly Pack for Poly Plastic Disposable Articles Manufacturing

PNI 1 2


Established Parshwanath Industries for Paper Disposable Raw Material & Tableware Manufacturing



Import, Trading, and Manufacturing of Machines for Disposable Industry

FB Mask Post Nov 2020


Started Manufacturing Environment Safety Products like Masks & PPE Kits

Sustaining the growth

Together with the determined teams of focused individuals we are working hard to keep the growth steady and improving every year

What sets us apart?

MSMSG About Best 2021 1


Our primary focus is to make the best quality products to enrich the customer experience.

MSMSG About Service 2021 1


Service is our top priority for our customers to experience great products with uncompromised services.

MSMSG About Innovation 2021 1


Be it anything we are making. We put in great efforts in R&D to come up with more innovative products.

Our Vission

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To be a pioneer solution provider in the domain of the packaging and disposables industry and market segment.

Our Mission

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We aim to capitalize on opportunities in growth markets, expand our core areas, and diversify into new businesses.

Our Entities

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Mahaveer Traders

For trading of Plastic Packaging products.

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Mahaveer Enterprises

For trading of Plastic & Paper Disposable products.

MG Entity Logo 2021 MPP

Mahaveer Poly Pack


Plastic Disposables and Packing Material

MG Entity Logo 2021 PNI

Parshwanath Industries


Paper Disposables, Paper Blanks, Paper Bottom, and Other

MG Entity Logo 2021 MDPL

Mahaveer Dispotech Pvt. Ltd.


Paper Disposable Making Machines, Flexo Printing Machines, Die Cutting Machines, PE Coating Machines, etc.

Our Brands

MSMSG About BrandRS 2021


Plastic Disposables and Packaging Articles

MSMSG About BrandES 2021


Paper Disposables and Material and Tableware

MSMSG About BrandMD 2021


Paper Disposable Making Machines, Flexo Printing Machines, Die Cutting Machines, PE Coating Machines, etc.

MSMSG About BrandIP 2021


Environmental Safety Products like Masks, PPE Kits, Face Shields, etc.

Message from the Founders

MSMSG About MDSir 2021

Mr. Surendra Kumar Jain

Managing Director

We started with a handful of resources and a blend of thoughts to reach a position where growth has no limitations. We always focused on developing trusteeship. We have prioritized customer satisfaction. We intend to build an energetic team. We thrive for finding innovative ways of doing business, considering mutual respect, and keeping national interest in mind. These thoughts later became the guiding principles for our organization and took us on the path of growth. The younger generation is full of energy and is working hard to grow by keeping customer interest above everything. The brands we have established in the past 40 years are now well recognized and accepted by the customers. We have pledged to sustain and grow by maintaining the quality of our offerings, be it a product or service.

Our founding principles are still the core strength of our exciting journey. The employees and teams are the most valuable assets and their synchronized efforts will take us a long and successful way ahead. I am thankful to our valuable customers who have always trusted us and are continuing to do so. Our belief is that journey is more beautiful than the destination. A big thank you to those who made this journey more exciting, and we welcome those who are willing to get associated with us.

Mr. Abhishek Jain
Mr. Abhishek JainDirector
Customer satisfaction is the most valuable aspect of our business. For anything and everything, we ensure that customers should get what he is expecting from us. At Mahaveer Group, we are determined to produce the finest quality products without any compromise. At the same time, we are committed to extending our services and support network for the convenience of customers. We have created good teams and systems to empower the process. We aim to keep improving the backend systems so that we can add value to the customer experience in every possible way.
Mr. Ankush Jain
Mr. Ankush JainDirector
Innovation and Quality are an integral part of our products. Our teams are engaged in the research and development process to create products that are efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. We are deliberately focusing on R&D to make products that can maximize profits for our customers. In the same context, we are expanding our infrastructure and building teams of professionals. We envision growth that is certain with quality-oriented products, great customers, and dedicated efforts.