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Established in 1975, we are one of the leading brands in the paper and plastic disposable tableware industry which integrates manufacturing, R&D, sales, and service.


Paper forming machines are designed and manufactured as per international standards for optimal output to maximize profits and reduce maintenance.

The range includes Paper Cup Making Machines, Paper Plate Making Machines, Paper Glass Making Machines, PE Coating Machines, Die Cutting Machines, Flexo Printing Machines.

Paper Disposables

Offering a complete range of high-quality Paper Cups and Paper Plates. Formed out of good quality PE Coated Paper with fine print and perfect shape.

The range includes a variety of Single, Dual, and Multi-colored Paper Cups, Paper Plates, Paper Bowls in different shapes and sizes formed out of good quality PE Coated Paper.

Biodegradable Disposables

Precisely formed and shaped Biodegradable Disposables of various types are included in the range to create options for customers to choose for the best.

The range includes a variety of PP Glasses, Bowls, Containers, Boxes, Lids, Sippers, Multi-Section Plates (Thali) suitable for all various food items, all products are available in various shapes and sizes.

Paper Raw Material

Available good variety of High-quality Poly Ethelene Coated material for the Paper Disposables forming and manufacturing industries.

The range includes a variety PE Coated Paper Reels, PE Coated Printed and Non-Printed Paper Cup Blanks (Fans), PE Coated Bottom Reels for Paper Cups, available in various GSMs and sizes as applicable.


Paper Cup Making Machines

Paper Cup Making Machine – MG900Smart

Disposable tableware

Paper Cup Making Machine – MG1200

Disposable tableware

Paper Cups and Plates – Paper Disposable

Disposable tableware

Biodegradable Glasses, Cups, Bowls, and Containers

Disposable tableware

Paper Raw Material – Blanks, Bottom Reels, and PE Coated Paper

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